GV Multiplex @ City Square Mall

Golden Village recently opened its 11th cinema at City Square Mall. First started in 1992 with its very first cinema, the Yishun 10 Multiplex which I watch my first movie at, Golden Village is one of biggest cinema operator in Singapore.

I was glad to be able to experience the new cinema during the day of its official launch, watching the latest hit, Breaking Dawn Part Two in one of the theaters. Thanks OMY.SG!!
I’m not going to review the movie but I would say I really like this last installment of the whole Twilight Saga. It’s worth to watch in the theaters and definitely a good ending to the whole saga.

One special thing about this multiplex in City Square Mall is that it’s a “Couple Cinema”.

Unlike certain cinemas where’s there specific and limited couple seating, the “Couple Cinema” layout is in such a way that you simply have to pull up the arm rest to get your couple seats!

Pretty cool I say!

Next time, you don’t have to buy couple seats if you want to go on a date, just head to GV at City Square mall!

I find that the seats of the new cinema are thicker and definitely more comfortable! I was able to rest my head comfortably on the seats without having to sit further out.

I like how they have bins near the exit so we could dispose of our trash easily! This way we could all do a part in helping to keep the cinema clean and making it a better experience for ourselves!

Thinking to catch a movie soon? Catch it at GV @ City Square Mall!

Check out GV’s FB for latest information and promos!


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